Thursday, April 10, 2014

A new start

Hello everyone,
Today I´d like to thank you for all the support I´ve received over the almost two years since the beginning of this blog. Thanks for all the great comments you write and also a big thank you to those follow my blog for a while, you are the reason why I´m still blogging. I really try to do my best and to make new posts as often as possible but I often can not manage it. This season I will give 100% and I´ll try to make my posts more interesting. I think of including more tips how to dress better but also some lifestyle tips which helped me to improve my life. I hope this is going to be a long journey!
I´m leaving for Thailand tomorrow, which means that I´m going to have time to shoot a lot of outfits,but which also means that I would not post anything for the next two weeks.I´m so excited because I´ve never been to Asia and because I´ve always wanted to go to Thailand.
I wish all a great week full of success!


Thanks for reading!


Dress: Zara
Necklace: Swarowski
Watch: DKNY

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Zara white black shirt

 Hello everyone,
I hope you enjoy the great spring weather, at least in Germany the weather was a dream the last couple of days. Today I would like to present you one of my favorite shirts by Romwe. It is so chic and you can wear it with pants or with a skirt ( I´ll soon show you the variation with a leather skirt). Shirt + leather skirt/ pants + a red lipstick and you are ready to rock the world ;)
 I wish you a wonderful week full of great moments!
P.S.Don´t forget to smile :) 

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Hallo ihr Lieben,
Ich hoffe ihr habt das schöne Wetter diese Woche genossen.
Heute würde ich euch gerne eins meiner lieblings Hemden zeigen,welches ich auf Romwe bestellt habe.
Ich mag es, weil man es unterschiedlich kombinieren kann und es sieht immer gut aus: z.B. mit einer Lederhose oder mit einem Lederrock( wenn das Wetter noch besser wird,sogar mit hot-pans).
Ich hoffe es gefällt euch!
Ich wünsche Euch eine schöne Woche!
Vergesst nicht zu lachen ;)

Thanks for reading!

Shirt: Romwe
Jacket: Romwe
Shoes: Buffalo 

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Monday, March 31, 2014

Beauty Care Products

Hello lovely readers,
It´s been a while since the last time I published a beauty care post. Well since last year the products have changed and therefore I would like to show you the new products I discover and fall in love with.
Today I will show you  the skin,hair and make-up products I currently use.
All those products are highly recommended. 
Wish you a great week!

The new ´iced strawberry dream´ scent is just a ´dream` . I just received this new shower gel by treaclemoon and immediately fall in love with its smell, it is so fresh!

 This is the other new seasons scent by treaclemoon. It also smells excellently. Those who love the taste of lemon ice cream will also love this smell.
 I.C.O.N. is the best shampoo I´ve ever tried in my entire life. All hair products by this brand are outstanding. Thanks to my hair dresser I discovered these amazing products. You can probably find it only on the internet because there less stores which offer the products( probably because of the price, which in my opinion is quite okay for the quality you get( in Europe 26 euros). It is really worth trying it!
This product is by L´Oreal. I use it after washing my hair. It is quite good but I cannot say that is the best hair product I´ve tried, there are also many great products by Kerastase or other brands with the same function.

Now let me introduce you my skin care products. This is the pretty famous facial soap by Clinique.
This is for skin type 2 ( mixed skin). I like changing my skin products and I´ve tried many but still haven´t found the perfect cleasing soap. I´ve used Clarins, Shiseido,Clinique.. and many others and they are all okay,
but I´m still searching for a product which gives me that ´wow´ effect. If I find it I´ll tell you ;)

 So.. this is the great perles-makeup-base by Guerlain. I always use it before I apply my foundation.
I really like this base.
 This is also a make-up base by Clinique which I bought last week because I heard some positive feed backs.This is moreover a bb cream, so if you don´t have much time in the morning you can apply this with a bit of powder . :)
 This is my new skin foundation by Bobby Brown. I like it but it does not cover any spots, you still have to apply much powder to cover them. I like it because of the SPF with is especially important in the following months.
 This is my M.A.C. powder which I apply after my foundation,as I said, to cover some spots. Well, m.a.c. is known for its good quality so I think I can not add anything new :)
And this ladies is my beloved Lancome palette. I had another one but it´s empty so I told my mum to by me this one from the airport. I think you can only buy it there, at least I didn´t find it in the beauty shops here in Frankfurt. I really like it because you have everything you need : eye shadows, blush and lipstick all in one. It also includes brushes so you. It is very practical not only for traveling but it is also when you  have it in your hand bag. I just love it !

Monday, March 24, 2014

You can never have enough shoes

Hello ladies,
Today I would like to show you what I found after my research for some new shoes for spring and summer. Those shoes which you can see below are all from .They have a huge range of prom and wedding dresses, they also have a wide range of various shoe styles as you can see.
I´ve already ordered the yellow ones and I can´t wait to make pictures with them.
Wish you a great week!
Chic Peep Toe Stiletto Heel Pumps with Straps 

Enticing Peep Toe Slingback Stiletto Heel Platform with Ankle Strap 


Flirty Pointy Toe Stiletto Heel Pumps in OL Style 

Glamorous Rounded Toe Sheepskin Upper Platform Stiletto Pumps 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Flower Skirt

Hello everyone,
I hope you had a great week!
Today I would like to present you a spring outfit. This outfit consists of an olive green shirt(which I already showed you in another outfit last year), my new skirt by dressilily. It is a great new web store I started to work with. They offer great women's wear for very good prices. They have many great clothes for this season,so check it out hier.
Wish you a great week!

Thanks for reading!

Skirt: Dresslily
Shirt: Primark

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Red Jacket

Hello babes,
Hope you enjoy this last week of the month. I´ve got pretty much stuff to do and I´m pretty busy since a couple of weeks. In life there are moments where you have to make the desicion what is important to you in that moment and what can wait for a bit. Therefore I decided that I have to fix some things in my life before I keep on blogging. It´s not like I stop blogging, it´s just that I am not that active which you probably already noticed. Since the beginning of the year ( and even before) many things in my life changed. Everyone has priorities, right now I have some important things to do and when I manage to schedule everything than I will have more free time to take pictures,buy clothes and everything else. 
Anyway I very happy right now and I really enjoy my life even if it´s very stressful sometimes.
I wish you a great week!

`Thanks for reading!

Bag & Coat: Zara
Watch: DKNY
Necklace: Primark
Shoes: Buffalo

Friday, February 14, 2014


Hello my lovely readers,
I wish you all a great Valentine´s Day and hope that you spend this day with your beloved one.
This is a black/denim outfit with a chic necklace which I really like, it changes the whole look.
Bright and big necklaces are a ´must´ and a very essential part of my looks.
Wish you a great weekend!

Much love,

Thanks for reading!

Necklace & Shirt: Primark
Jacket: Romwe
Shirt: Zara
Shoes: Buffalo